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Vicki Catches Jesse Peeping

I’ve slowed down on the snippets because the writing has slowed down too.  I finally finished the big sex scene, and then totally lost momentum.  Maybe I just needed a breather!  I’m still tapping away on the next chapter but it’s not going as well as I’d like.  I’m hoping to hit 30K by Sunday, but I’m nowhere near that right now.

This section immediately follows the last snippet I posted (Jesse ran toward the door like zombies were crawling out of the TV).

Warning: sexual content, voyeurism.

Not a moment too soon, because she slammed into Elias and attacked his shirt. He’d left his tie and jacket in the truck, but he couldn’t remember if he had any spare clothes here. Jerking at the button on her jeans, he bit her bottom lip so hard her breath hissed out, spurring her to yank harder.

“Watch the shirt, babe. I have to show up for work tomorrow without looking like I was mugged.”

A button tinged on the wall. “I’ll make you a new one.”

He jammed his hand down the front of her jeans, wincing at the zipper digging into his skin, but he couldn’t slow down. He had to stroke her, see how turned on she was, how quickly she came at his touch. It’d tell him a lot about how much she’d missed him.

She rolled her hips, squirming against him, helping him work his fingers deeper, past the satin, hooking his finger beneath…

“Yes,” he growled out against her ear. “You’re so wet and hot you’re going to come…now,” he finished, a bit surprised. He hadn’t meant it as a command, but she shuddered, groaning deep in her throat.

Her cry of pleasure rose in intensity, her hunger flaming higher. Tightening her arms around his neck, she hopped up against him, forcing him catch her with his free arm while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Hurry,” she moaned, but then she stiffened in his arms, just a moment, and he wondered if she was going to come again so quickly. He buried a finger inside her and she shuddered, her voice rising, wild and desperate. “Elias, please!”

He started for her bedroom, but a soft noise made him hesitate. It sounded like a low moan. He whipped his head around as the door snicked shut. Damn that punk. If he’d thought to watch the show…

“I need you,” she whispered, thrusting and stroking her tongue in his ear, her breath hot and frantic, and Elias forgot to care.


Leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, Jesse struggled to calm his breathing. She’d looked at him over the cop’s shoulder. She’d seen him standing there, jeans gaping open to ease the misery, jerking in climax. If the cop had turned around and seen him indecently exposed, he’d probably be a gelding.

A muffled thump, a low, hard voice, and Jesse felt the stirring in his groin all over again. He stumbled down the stairs, washed his hands, and cleaned up the mess as quickly as possible. Then he stripped naked, stretched out on the bed she’d given him, and stared up at the ceiling.

The thumps were louder. Yes, he’d been right. Her bedroom was directly above. He closed his eyes and imagined how the cop was making love to her. Not the bed, not yet. They’d been too urgent to make it that far.

Jesse scrambled to his knees and planted his hands on the wall above the headboard. Yes, against the wall, vibrating with their passion. Braced on his knees, he imagined her pressed against his back, stroking his chest and stomach, lingering, playing low on his belly while she laughed huskily in his ear.

When she screamed, he would be the one rocking the bed.

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  1. Jesse didn’t play by the rules now did he:)

  2. *le sigh* Joely…what a way to start the day!

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