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Vicki for Christmas

Santa came early and brought me a Kindle!  Lookie what I’m reading on it….

Yes, that’s Vicki I’m reading on my new Kindle. I absolutely love that I can e-mail my own Word file and read it on the device. I’ve always liked to read outside of Word – often using view as html on Gmail. It helps me get a new perspective on the book and I see different errors. Plus it feels so much more like a finished project!

I’ve already made two revision passes through Vicki. The hard one, and then the easier one on the Kindle. She’s off to visit a few friends over Christmas. If you’re absolutely dying to have Miss Vicki stop over by your place, please e-mail me.

The hardest part of having a Kindle?  Keeping it away from the monsters!  All of them have already read a book on it, from Junie B. Jones to Black Beauty.  They LOVE it!

10 thoughts on “Vicki for Christmas

  1. It is such a fun toy.

  2. Wooooot The Kindle looks amazing. Yes I imagine it’s hard to keep it all for yourself. 😉
    Squeeeee Vicki Squeeeee. This is absolute teasing! lol

  3. Cool! I want one! 🙂

  4. Kindle looks awesome. I thinking of one myself because my sony died (or I might have dropped it, only the cats know for sure 😉

  5. I can’t wait I am so excited :mrgreen:

  6. Vicki for Christmas :Snoopy dancing:

    You lucky duck, you…I’m waiting for CES so I can touch and try all the different readers in one place.

    Guess I better go check my email :mrgreen:

  7. Of all the people I know you deserve one the most

  8. Oh, man, WP didn’t mail my comments to me! Sorry I missed everyone.

    We’re really loving the Kindle. Only That Man has yet to read on it!

  9. … and I didn’t even have to e-mail you. Vicki showed up in my mailbox all on her own! (Well, with help from you.) Thanks again, and have a great Christmas!

  10. Dude. Still envious. *snerk*

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