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I’m hearing voices again.  Of course they’re not the voices I’m *supposed* to be hearing right now.  *glares at Sig*  I was having a ton of fun at the Evil Day Job with Java (and I don’t mean my favorite kind that comes in a cup) and I heard him.  He was leaning against the railing of a porch staring up at a gorgeous sunset with whooperwills calling in the distance.

Sam Elliot.  I mean, Ty Connagher.

Virginia was there too.  He was actually talking to her, not to me, but I was able to hear them both laughing and talking plain as day.  Damn, she’s missed him something awful.  And that’s when the dreamy, peaceful scene started to go dark.

I have an idea that her story’s two stories in one.  It’s the past with Ty, before they had children, and the current story with the possibility of a new man.  How they weave together, and who this other man is, I have no idea.   I don’t hear his voice.  I can’t see his face.  He’s not younger than her.  He’s someone even Victor would respect.  But WHO, I don’t know.

As long as Sig isn’t cooperating, I guess I’ll listen to Ty and see what he has to tell me about his great love and her future.  Because of course HE knows.  The dead see things we can’t even begin to understand.  He’s there to help her in some way.

But I’m afraid he might need Miss Belle’s help.

3 thoughts on “Voices

  1. Miss Belle!! Oh, Sis, I like the way you think!

  2. Sorry about Sig. Send an assassin, well, a different one…

    You don’t even know where this is going and already I’m hooked. And Miss Belle…awesomesauce :mrgreen:

  3. I’d say I’m sorry about Sig, but I’m much too excited bout Ty…

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