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Weekend Mini-Vacation

Since the monsters are on spring break, we decided to take today off from our Evil Day Jobs and plan a little mini vacation for them.  They *love* to spend the night in a hotel, and we haven’t gone anywhere since the urgent St. Louis trip last year when FIL was hospitalized.  Originally, we planned to drive back to St. Louis and see Grant’s Farm, but two things made us change our mind:

  • Possibility of 6 (or more!) inches of freakish snow tomorrow, with a four-hour drive home the next day!
  • Grant’s Farm is closed until April 18th.  :mad:


So we decided to go to Branson instead.  It’s only 30-40 min. away, so if the weather gets bad, we can get home without too much difficulty.  We don’t go to Branson often because of horrendous tourist traffic and it’s EXPENSIVE.  However, this is still the off season, so we found a nice condo-style hotel with an indoor pool just off the strip that was pretty reasonable.  We’re going to drive around the lake (free), find a beach so the kids can get close to the water (free), maybe go see the fish hatcheries (I think that’s free too), etc.  I doubt we’ll do any shows, because I’m guessing that would cost closer to $100 for a family of 5.  Yes, the prices are ridiculous.

Mostly, we’re going for the nice hotel and pool. 

We’re leaving sometime today (got to sleep in a bit and bum around the house since we didn’t have a four hour drive!).  The only thing I’ve packed?

My reward books.   I’m taking:

  • Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
  • New Blood by Gail Dayton
  • Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti

I think that should get me through the weekend.  Although I might take one more just to be safe.  I don’t read…I devour.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Mini-Vacation

  1. Have fun in Branson! Hope you enjoy your TBR pile. 😀

  2. Have a great weekend. Larissa lost by 25 points. 🙁 Currently you are at 25th, and I’m tied at 23rd with evil Angie. 😀

  3. Yaay – have lots of fun!! 😀

    And why is Branson touristy?? I’ve heard of it, probably seen signs for it on an interstate, but never visited myself. What’s there that’s so wonderful?

  4. Have fun, relax and enjoy! 😀

  5. Thanks, guys! We had a great time.

    Boo, I’m so bummed that PLEASURE UNBOUND didn’t rule them all! It certainly did on *my* shelf.

    Bethanie, Branson has a ton of music shows, Silver Dollar City, etc. Most things cost a fortune. To take a family of 5 to a typical show costs around $100 unless you agree to sit through a time-share presentation at one of the bazillion resorts. Since we live close (within 30 min) we couldn’t go that route. We had a good time doing free stuff, and splurged on ONE show. It’s probably the most expensive in town but it was a blast: Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.

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