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Why: The Riding Crop

Even back in 2007 when I first jotted ideas for this story, I knew Victor had a riding crop that was very important to him. 

Why a riding crop in particular?  It’s not like he’s a jockey, nor is this a historical.  So why would a man have a riding crop, other than the stereotypical reasons?  (Yeah, he uses it like that, too — he’s a sadist after all.) 

I got the answer last night.  I’d just gone to bed and I was sooo sleepy, so I was afraid I’d forget it this morning.  Thankfully, I did not.  I guess it was too magical.  Not that this little tidbit is so amazing — it’s not, just an item of his backstory.  But the process becomes magical.  I love to figure out how or why one little seemingly innocent item can suddenly carry so much value and emotion.

Victor wants to write me a letter explaining all this good stuff.  Once I get an important item like this for Shiloh, I think I may be in a position to write the full outline.  I have to get the backstory right first before I can hope to write the main story — it makes it so much easier to torment them.  🙂

Gregar has his ivory rahke; Victor has his riding crop.  For both characters, it’s a symbol of their most secret heart’s desire, and their greatest fear of all.

3 thoughts on “Why: The Riding Crop

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about characters and props. I think it’s a good idea to, perhaps, give a character one. For example, who can imagine Indiana Jones without his fedora, or especially, that whip. 😉

  2. Very cool. Sounds great. 😎
    Have a great weekend.

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