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Working Through Recovery

The loss of Pepper has hit me harder than the monsters.  I thought the worst part would be telling them that he was gone, but it’s actually facing my office every single day.  He was my constant companion.  Where I was, there he was too, or at least very close so he could come to me quickly.

So I apologize for taking so long to get moving again — it surprised me how slowly I’ve recovered this week.  Of course lack of sleep, rainy days, and hormones haven’t helped any, but hopefully the end of this gray period is in sight.

I’m not going to make the deadline, so 3Aliens will have to targeted to something else depending on its length.  In the meantime, I started a short story that was inspired by Johnny Cash singing Tennessee Stud mixed with Willie Nelson and Toby Keith’s Beer for Our Horses.  It’s a zombie story, can’t you tell?  hahaha.  Working title:  Brains for Our Horses.  Yes, I’m handling my grief strangely, I know, but the zombie story is helping so I’m going to do it.

I’ve kept up with my workouts and my diet, so that’s good.  The last thing in the world I wanted to do Tuesday was exercise, but I did it.  I haven’t gone off track food wise at all – eating just slightly over my points like I did all February.  Level 3/4 is kicking my ass but I’m loving it.  I managed 15 pushups for the main sets today, and I can do 20 more in the max session, along with 30 max squats (this is in the fourth set after all the other lifting).  In all my life I never expected I’d be able to do so many pushups!

Now I just need to move up to my toes…

3 thoughts on “Working Through Recovery

  1. *hugs* You’ve lost a good friend, Sis. No one expects you to get over it soon. Take your time and grieve for your friend. *hugs some more*

  2. Sorry to hear about Pepper, it’s hard to lose friend like that. hugs.

  3. *hugs* Grief will run its course, don’t try to rush through it, Joely. Sorry to hear that 3Aliens won’t make the deadline, but hopefully it will find a much more suitable home somewhere else. (But most importantly, in our hot little hands! 😉 ) I’m happy you’re able to work through this gray period, and that you’re still on target with your exercise routine. You’re doing so great!

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