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Writing ADHD

I’ve got four projects I’m actively working on.  FOUR.  I know.  *hangs head in shame*

I write a little in Charlie.  Then I dabble with Mama C.  I started a secret project.  Then I started yet another new project today.

Here’s the crazy thing:  I’ve almost written more today than the whole month.

Part of it is the relief that the first stress of the Evil Day Job project is over.  My portion has moved to production and nothing blew up.  Yet.  Two nights in a row!  *knocks on wood*  The other piece moved to production today and runs tomorrow.  Then I have one more thing I promised by the end of the month, which is… Friday.  Yikes.  It’s doable though.  Then of course we must quickly switch gears to the next big (huger) project.  It’s neverending, which is a good thing called job security.

But it wreaks havoc on my writing brain sometimes.  It’s hard to concentrate.

It’s also hard on the diet because I stress eat.  Sigh.

But I’m slowly working back into a routine.  I’m keeping a spreadsheet that will hopefully help me get back to daily writing.  I still don’t care which project I work on, as long as I’m working.  Hopefully I can build some momentum again.  If today’s any indication with 2800+ words, I’m  baaaaaaaack!

2 thoughts on “Writing ADHD

  1. Go you!!
    *shakes pom poms*

  2. Heheh, I feel your pain, Sis. I definitely feel your ADHD pain.

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