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Writing Scared

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Anybody who’s been afraid of a book and feels paralyzed by the writing, please go read this entry on Tracy MacNish’s blog, especially Laura Kinsale’s comment. (link courtesy of Kate Rothwell)

Instead of an iguana, I have Gregar snarling at me with a wicked-sharp rahke in his hand. I can’t wait to head to that beach with him. How could I be afraid–even of RHP (Arcana)–with him beside me?

Which begs the question: a lot of you have no idea who Gregar is and why he’s my muse. Why he haunts and torments me with that vicious white knife. Maybe I should polish up some backstory I wrote for him ages ago and post it for Friday Snippets while I write his book. I hesitate to call it a short story, because it’s really not. It’s backstory, important and meaningful to only me. Still, if I think about it hard enough, I bet I could come up with a real “arc” that would be interesting without giving away too many spoilers to the Shanhasson series. We shall see.

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