Powering Up

I’m finally deep enough into Act 3 that I know exactly how many major scenes are left.  Only four.



I’ve had a big day already, but I’m hoping I can keep pushing now that the end is close enough to smell.  These are major suspensful action scenes, plus one huge emotional love scene as the resolution, so they won’t be easy.  I honestly don’t believe I’ll finish tonight.  Or even tomorrow.  But I’m close.  Finally.

Is it just me, or do I hear angels singing?

We’re having leftovers tonight for dinner, giving me a little more time to keep pushing those words.  I’ve had a ton of coffee already today, so I made myself a luscious hot chocolate with a little coconut milk, one square of Dove dark, a little sugar, and a shot of my strongest espresso.

Loading up scene one of four…

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