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2010: the year of movies?

They say what you do on the first day of the new year is what you’ll do the most all year.  If so, we’re going to be movie-watching fools!

So far, we’ve seen Terminator 1, 2, and 4 (let’s just forget 3 ever happened, okay?); Jet Li’s Fearless; GI Joe; and G-Force.  GI Joe and Terminator Salvation were on our new Blue-Ray player.  Call me a heathen, but I really can’t tell much of a difference between DVD and Blue-ray.  I splurged on Constantine on Blue-Ray, and I just watched it a week or so ago on DVD, so I’m hoping I’ll be stunned and amazed at the difference when I watch it again.

GI Joe was a sad disappointment — we didn’t even finish it.  We’ll definitely be taking it to a trade-in/used shop.

The monsters loved G-Force but I had my headset on through most of it.

I enjoyed Terminator Salvation, although #2 is still my favorite.  I loved how they brought the traditional lines back with new life.  When John Connor said “I’ll be back” I had to laugh, and we all cheered when THE Terminator we all know and love made a brief appearance.  The overall plot was a bit expected.  e.g. the “surprises” weren’t really surprises at all.  But we still enjoyed it.

Still on the upcoming list to watch are District 9 (blue-ray) and Resident Evil. 

Tomorrow we were supposed to go Granny’s for Thanksgiving/Christmas, but we’ve had several inches of snow and we’ve decided to reschedule for next weekend.  Since I already took tomorrow off from the Evil Day Job, and Princess Monster’s birthday is the 5th, I think we’ll take the monsters to see Princess and the Frog.  That Man and I are wondering if we could sneak out to see Sherlock Holmes, but I don’t think the monsters are quite old enough for that yet.  Le sigh.

I haven’t read anything in 2010 yet and stil have several from 2009 I really need/want to read.  Have you read a great new release in 2010 that I should put on my list?

7 thoughts on “2010: the year of movies?

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  2. When they release Avatar on BluRay, I’m going to be one of the first people in line to buy it. While the storyline is somewhat predictable, there are some unique scifi/fantasy elements, too. What landed it on my “I-must-buy-this” list, though, is the imagery. It’s a beautiful movie.

  3. Krista, I want to see Avatar too. It looks incredible!

  4. HOW ON EARTH did you manage to watch that many movies already this year? Insane.

    Holmes and Princess & the Frog are both on my to-watch list, too. Especially after seeing the Tiana show in Disneyland – cute! And great music!

    Happy New Year!

  5. G.I. Joe…*shudder* I can’t forgive what they did to Scarlett/Snake Eyes or the Baroness. T:S was mildly disappointing for me but glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been dying to see District 9. And if I’m lucky, I’ll see Avatar tomorrow and Sherlock Holmes the following week. Wanted to see The Princess and the Frog but I don’t think that will be happening. *le sigh*

  6. Nicole, some of them were in technically in Dec. (holiday break). We missed Princess & the Frog today – the show time we’d selected was “reserved.” 🙁

    Soleil, let us know what you think about Avatar and Sherlock Holmes! I really want to see both.

  7. I really have a hard time believing that ANYONE enjoyed this movie. This movie could have been so great. It could have been amazing. It could have been the best Terminator yet. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t even close. The story was terrible. There wasn’t enough action. This was supposed to be a war, but there were no full scale war scenes. Christian Bale was just as stiff as John Conner as he was as Batman (cheesy voice, no personality).

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