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One Last Day of Holiday

The monsters don’t go back to school until tomorrow.  That Man and I both took today off from our jobs, because we had planned Thanksgiving/Christmas at my mom’s with my beloved sister, but snow has forced us to reschedule.  Tomorrow is Princess Monster’s 11th birthday, so we’ll probably take everyone to see Princess and the Frog today since she’ll be stuck in school.

Needless to say, I’m having a hard time getting into my goals for the week and month.  It’s too hard to concentrate with cartoons playing endlessly in the background and another load of soggy coats, gloves, and clothes thanks to playing outside in the snow.  Don’t even ask me about the dishes.  Gah.  It’s amazing how many more dishes I have when everybody’s home all day!

So I guess I’ll continue to ruminate about my plans and goals for this month.  It’s too hard to concentrate much, let alone get any real work done.  All of my beta readers have replied back with a few corrections and ideas for things I might need to tweak or fix.  I also need to get cracking on Victor.  I think I’ll start with the dreaded synopsis and get a first draft of that beast out of the way before I go back to revisions.

And to keep my head from imploding in Revision Hell, I’m going to play around with a side project that just came to me this weekend.  I think the “pleasure” writing of a small new project will make all the revisions a little more tolerable!

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  1. I used to wonder why people referred to “the dreaded synopsis.” Then I wrote one with an eye to SUBMIT rather than an intent to PRACTICE, and found out why. Good luck with yours – hope it wasn’t too beastly!

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