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Elf Yourself

Do you know why I write like a maniac?  Because if I don’t keep these characters busy, this is what it’s like in my head.

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This one is Rhaekhar (Kevin Sorbo), Gregar (not a very good picture of Adrian Paul), Hades (Jason Isaacs), Ruin (The Rock), and Conn (Clive Owen).

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

This one has a little better pictures of Gregar and Rhaekhar, with Christian Bale (yet to be written Given In Fire novella), Charon (Vin Diesel), and Conn (Clive Owen). This one about made me wet my pants I laughed so hard. 

Huge thanks to Dixie Bell for the link!

4 thoughts on “Elf Yourself

  1. Very cute! My characters do that too sometimes. 😆

  2. ROFLMAO (you need more smilies) 😀 😎 🙄

  3. *laughs so hard it hurts*

    Oh…oh, my God…oh, Sis…The Rock is having SUCH a good time!

    *laughs some more*

  4. Holy crap those were great!

    I’m trying to not to die and wake up my DH.


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