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NaNo Day 34

I’m almost ashamed to post my word count for the day.  That Man is on a business trip to Chicago, so needless to say, dealing with the monsters has been exciting to say the least.  I didn’t make it up dark & early this morning, which put me behind immediately.  Tonight all three girls had basketball practice, with barely enough time to eat and get to the gym.  Then I had to entertain the two youngest for the final hour while Princess Monster had her practice.  Sigh.  We didn’t even get home until 8:00 p.m. and then it was baths, phone calls to Daddy, etc.

I need a couple of valium, a bottle of wine, and some Calgon, because my head is ROARING.

I took the laptop with me but it was so loud and hectic that I got very little done.  Plus, I’m in a difficult scene.  One Blood was hurt rather badly and this horrible realization came over me thanks to Molly’s comment the other day about manly bits.  *dies*  I suddenly froze up and questioned what the heck I was actually *saying* with this particular injury.  I finally decided to play it out and see where it goes.  I can always cut this scene later.

Today:  884

NaNo Total:  77.355

Snippet:  This is actually from the end of yesterday’s scene.  Nothing I wrote tonight is appropriate or acceptable.

Slowly, she unsheathed the white knife.

The Black Dragon reared its head expectantly.  Knives implied blood.  Her blood?  Hunger unfurled within him like sweeping black wings.  He couldn’t help but lick his lips with anticipation.  He’d do anything, anything at all, to taste her blood again.

Two blades bit into his neck, one on either side, and each Blood dropped a hard, unyielding hand on his shoulder.

“You don’t trust me if she bleeds.”  Mykal smiled and didn’t try to hide the dragon rising in him.  “Good.  You shouldn’t.”

2 thoughts on “NaNo Day 34

  1. I’m behind too. My motivation rebounded after the holiday but life conspires again. >.<

  2. 😎 Im really really liking Mykal so far.

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