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A Busy Mother’s Day

I meant to at least post here over the weekend to wish all the moms who might stop by Happy Mother’s Day, but I was too busy celebrating our Moms’ days to make it!

Saturday we celebrated with That Man’s parents at my BIL’s house.  The last time we were over at the lake, MIL took me in to show me the sad state of her closet.  So I was determined to buy her some clothes.  However, what I’d picked out from Catherine’s didn’t suit, so BB and I convinced her to jump in the car while we were waiting on the chickens to smoke (for dinner) and took her back to the store so she could pick out something she really did like.

She found a blouse and another shirt she plans to wear as a jacket, so that was a success!  Even if she complained about how picked over the store was and how they don’t sell the kinds of things she prefers any longer.  (I’ve had these pants for thirty years and I can’t find anything like them now!)

I made settler’s beans for that dinner, adding fresh garlic and using dijon honey mustard instead of regular (since I was out).  They definitely tasted a little different as a result, but everyone seemed to enjoy them.

We got home around 7 PM Saturday night and decided to go see the last showing of The Avengers on the grand screen in 3D.  It cost an extra $4 per ticket (with a family of 5, that definitely took a bite out of the wallet) but wow, it was so awesome, it was worth it.  We didn’t get home until midnight, though.

Sunday we were up to get ready and drive to my mom’s (Granny’s).  Unfortunately, the day started with Littlest spilling Fruit Loops and milk all over my micro-suede sofa.  *cries*  We stopped at Sam’s Club on the way to get the traditional turtle cheesecake I always take.  However, they didn’t have any.  :twisted:  I finally settled on an assortment but it just wasn’t the same as that sinful turtle cheesecake.

Granny made spaghetti and toasted bread that was a huge hit.  I promised to wash up all her dishes since she wasn’t supposed to cook on her special day.  We made about half a dozen pots of Caribou Coffee and visited all afternoon with my beloved sister.  Oh, and we celebrated early birthdays too (mine is next week and Littlest Monster’s is in June), and Molly brought a bottle of bubbly to help celebrate Vicki’s release.  That’s the first time we’ve celebrated with my mom, so that was cool.

On the way out the door, Middle found a turtle and begged to keep it.  She’s been driving me nuts about wanting a pet turtle.  Unbeknownst to her, Papa (my dad) had also captured two turtles for her, which we picked up on the way home.  We also found another turtle in the gravel road on the way over.

So now we have 4 turtles.  *headdesk*

We visited with Papa for awhile, said hello to his horses, and looked at some land.  It needs a lot of work but the price is within the realm of possibility.  Some magic would still need to happen but we do have options to make my country dream a reality in the next year or so.  Of course Princess objects wholeheartedly.  Sigh.  She doesn’t want to move anywhere and lose her friends, least of all to the country.  She might start talking like a hick and wearing big sparkly belt buckles.  *headdesk again*

We made it home about 8 PM last night to frantically get baths done and everyone to bed.  I haven’t done laundry.  I haven’t gone grocery shopping.  The house is a mess.  The monsters are in the last week of school and still have reading assignments to do.  Lord help me, one last week of school.  Then I’ll be herding monsters out to all their various summer activities to keep them out of the house so we can work.

I’ll come back later with a roundup list of links where I’m giving away copies of Yours to Take and some new reviews.

Wishing you a belated Happy Mother’s Day – and a non-grumpy Monday!

2 thoughts on “A Busy Mother’s Day

  1. LOL, at the turtles!!

    Glad you had a great weekend, if busy!

  2. Pssh. As froo-froo as PM is, you’d think she’d LOVE a big sparkly belt buckle. Tell her Lady GaGa wears one, and she’ll love it.

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