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Lady Blackmyre’s Final Stretch

I’m well into Act 3 now.  Queen Majel has made her appearance.  Lady Blackmyre has visited with Wellington and survived without killing the old hag.  Really, the only thing left is the huge happily-ever-after threesome.  🙂  Yes, it will be epic.

My pace has slowed to about 1K a day with Vicki’s release, but I’m definitely in the home stretch!  Shooting for 35-40K before it’s all said and done.

Snippet:  this pretty much follows the last one where Arthur ignored Lady Blackmyre’s commands and she turned her back on him.

As though she didn’t have a care in the world, she strolled away from Arthur.

He snorted, trying to draw her attention, but she ignored him.  If the pony doesn’t listen to my commands, dear boy, the pony doesn’t exist.

Leaning casually against the railing she waved a hand at Dottie, inviting her to come down for a chat.  “What’d you think?”

Her eyes were so big that Violet couldn’t help but chuckle.  “I’m astounded.  But what happened?  Are you done?”

She tapped her friend lightly on the arm, drawing her gaze away from whatever Arthur was doing behind her.  Smiling, she pointed at herself and lifted her chin, trying to keep Dottie from even looking at him.  “Oh, most definitely.  When the pony misbehaves, he’s punished.”

Dottie gasped and fluttered her hand in front of her face like she needed air.  “Oh, dear, that sounds dreadful.  Are you going to beat him?”

“No.  I’m punishing him much more severely.”

“I hope I didn’t offend you with my ignorant comment.  Of course you wouldn’t hurt him.”

Violet let out a husky laugh.  “Oh, I would certainly hurt him under the right circumstances.  If he wanted me to give him pain for his own gratification, I’d be perfectly willing and able to deliver his most painful wishes.”

“You would enjoy it?”  Dottie asked in a small voice, lacking any sort of condemnation but revealing only honest curiosity.

“Yes, I would, if he were enjoying it too.”

“Then why didn’t you whip him just now?  I don’t know a thing about horses but even I could tell he was deliberately disobeying your commands.”

The hair prickled on the base of Violet’s neck.  Although she didn’t hear his stealthy approach, she didn’t need the faint quiver of her friend’s glance behind her to know he was close.  She could almost feel his body heat burning her back.  “If he looks me in the eye and begs me to whip him until he cries like a baby, I’ll give him exactly what he requests.  But I won’t be manipulated into giving him anything.  He doesn’t want me to hurt him so he can enjoy it.  He wants me to hurt him so he can lump me in with every other woman who’s betrayed him and I shan’t do it.”

2 thoughts on “Lady Blackmyre’s Final Stretch

  1. Love it 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

  2. See, that’s why I love me some Lady Blackmyre. She’s no one’s fool, and cough or no cough, she is in complete control.

    …For now.

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