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A New Free Read

…including a sneak peek of The Road to Shanhasson, book 2 of the Shanhasson Trilogy, in honor of E-Book Week

If you love Gregar, you’ll definitely want to check out his prequel, The Shadowed Blood, and the first two chapters of what I’ve called “Gregar’s Book,”  The Road to Shanhasson.  Download here.

If you have any problems with the download or feedback, let me know!

5 thoughts on “A New Free Read

  1. Eeee-hehehehehehe! I got it! I got it!! :mrgreen:

  2. *Squealing with Bethanie*!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Weeeellll, it’s not exactly “new” to you two, but it’s the first time I gathered it all up and made it available in one place!

  4. The prequel was technically a new!shiny 😀 Sure we knew some of it but it sure made my mornning (and I use that term relatively *g*) a heck of a lot more entertainning. Thankies Joely!

  5. well, not exactly “new” to me, no, but I did notice some changes (which I liked a lot!) and anything with Gregar is droolingly awesome and worth reading again (and again… and again…). Made my evening! :mrgreen:

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