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All-Time Favorites: Mythical Creatures

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Whether you’re a romance or fantasy reader, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve run into a few mythical creatures, especially with the current paranormal craze. Elves and dwarves, dragons and griffins, vampires and werewolves, I love me a good mythical creature.

Even gargoyles, as in C.E. Murphy’s Heart of Stone. (I’ll admit to having a gargoyle story of my own filed away.)

So what’s the appeal for you? Do you have a favorite?

I love them all, but must admit to always loving vampires. Long before the Darkyn and Black Dagger Brotherhood, I read vampire fiction and watched every vampire movie I could get my hands on. My all-time favorite vampire movie is still the 1974 Dracula version with Frank Langella. As much as I despise head-hopping, I probably have more Christine Feehan Dark books on my shelf than I’d care to admit, although Lynn Viehl takes that honor when I count both StarDoc and Darkyn books.

It’s the blood that fascinates me. Maybe it’s my “Power in the Blood” Christian background, but the idea of blood saving or washing us clean, mixed with the vampire and the very real threat of death, is just fascinating. I love the danger, the inherent violence, and yeah, even the biting. The dark demon of the night is a very sensual, erotic creature. *shivers*

So what about you? Are you sick of vampires and other mythical creatures? Is there a mythical creature you’re dying to see done that no one’s written before?

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