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All-Time Favorites: Online Inspiration

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Sometimes it seems as though the blogosphere is simmering, waiting for the next big blow up. Everything from personal wars to slams on various genres to political disagreements: sometimes I just want to shut down the computer and never brave the internet again.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we read those sites, rubbernecking the latest turmoil with horrified fascination, even though we feel the poison sinking into us. I don’t know about you, but if I let myself get sucked in too much, I definitely feel my writing and my spirit taking a hit.

Instead of linking to any of the perhaps infamous blogs or sites that love to stir the pot, I thought I’d encourage links to those sites that move you in a positive way. When all else is falling apart or in an uproar, where would you go to find inspiration? Is there a blog that you can count on to always be positive, beautiful, or inspiring in some way? Or a artist’s site that never fails to touch your heart with a project? It doesn’t have to be a blog or about writing at all–just an online site that makes you feel good in some way.

For me, I’d recommend Nancy Bond. With her poetry and lovely photography, I can count on finding soothing inspiration and peace instead of turmoil or nastiness.

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