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Around the Blogosphere

If you have a moment, stop by Drollerie Press and enter your thoughts in the poll about e-book price vs. content.

“Bring a Character to Blog Week” is still going on at Ginger’s blog.

Drollerie Press Author blog tour is scheduled for 1/31.

Watch here for some kind of “characterization clinic.”  Details are whirling around in my head.  If it works for your schedule, I’m thinking possibly the week of Valentine’s Day?  Some kind of “101 Ways to Make Lovable Characters” or something equally cheesy.  Even if you just have a few links to share about how to build a living, breathing character, I’d love for you to participate.  I’m especially looking forward to anything involving tarot, astrology, numerology, etc.  Don’t be intimidated.  Published or not, reader, writer, all are welcome to post thoughts, even if you simply want to talk about your all-time favorite character.

I know who my all-time favorite character is.  Yeah, he’s one of mine–I’m a writer, I can’t help but choose one of my own.  You all know who he is, too.  ::cough:: Gregar ::cough:: 

Although it may surprise you that Conn from Letters to an English Professor is in the running, and not just for his car.

If you have thoughts, ideas, etc. about the characterization clinic, feel free to shout them out!

2 thoughts on “Around the Blogosphere

  1. Like I said, I’m totally in. :mrgreen: Pulled out all my sun sign books and am already putting things together. Might have a couple of characters I developed with these things join me in the-ah…essay? *snerk* At this rate, I just hope I can restrict it to a week, depending on how in depth I want to go with each sign. Maybe if I posted twice a day or something, hmm. Meh, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. 😎

    Oh, I would loooooooove to read a post on someone tackling the tarot. I have my own deck but am severally lacking in any how-to’s (or even basic knowledge regarding the subject) let alone how one can use it for character development. So, I’m kind of hoping someone with the savvy will see the idea above and jump on it. *g*

  2. Soleil, I’m really excited to see what you do! Your wish will come true: my friend Jenna Reynolds plans to talk about how to use tarot! I think we’re going to have a great clinic.

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