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August Totals

27,300 new words for the month on four projects:  finishing The Billionaire Submissive (including the synopsis), a follow-up to TBS still untitled, a little on the new PNR, and the Plantation story with Molly.  Not a huge word count, but not bad considering I polished TBS for submission and then also completed first-round edits on Lord Regret’s Price.

For September, I’d like to shoot for a minimum of 30K words.  The Evil Day Job is going to be tough this month, but I need to keep momentum.  I’d like to get the PNR under consideration by the end of the year.  If I’m really pushing goals, I’d like to get Mama C submitted by the end of the year too.

Here’s hoping for a productive month!

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  1. 27K is a great month! You had a kick-ass August. I hope September is awesome for you.

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