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Two Faces

I wasn’t getting very far plotting out the PNR.  I have a general premise and the world is pretty solid in my mind, but I wasn’t getting anywhere with the plot and I didn’t want to sit around twiddling my thumbs.  The idea is too cool to sit here spinning my wheels.  So I decided to just go ahead and start writing.  Sometimes I need the juices to flow and one thing leads to another and another.

So I was in the first section, feeling my way along.  The heroine is taking shape nicely.  She meets the character I’d planned for her to run into.  They sit down at a table.

And I suddenly realized he isn’t the character I thought he is.  In fact, he’s the hero, so in disguise that not even I recognized him.  I mean, I intended this story to break a few typical genre molds.  This hero is not a big mean alpha shifter.  He’s not even Dominant.  Yet he’s an extremely powerful, interesting man.

I just didn’t know he could do *this* too.

So my two characters Cooper and Dasan suddenly combined into Dasan Cooper and now I know he wears two different faces.

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  1. Coolness. Love the names too 😉

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