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Battling the Bulge, Round 399

Okay, maybe not exactly that many rounds/attempts, but this is an endless battle I wage.  Since RT in May, I’ve had a super hard time getting back to consistent WW tracking.  I’d start out well and track through lunch, but then fall off the tracks at dinner.  Or I’d totally forget to track for a few days at all.  Stop and start.  It’s annoying and unfortunate, because if I’m not tracking… I’m gaining.

Then I don’t want to know how bad it really is.  I’m an avoider.  Which doesn’t help the issue either.

Plus my knee has been giving me trouble off and on this year.  It’s never completely recovered from getting hyperextended, though most days it’s feeling better now.  I need to get it stronger…by exercising!

Stress at the Evil Day Job has been off the charts all year.  If it’s not a project deadline, it’s dealing with support calls or new bosses.  I’m a stress eater (chips, popcorn, pizza because I’m working late), so that’s been something that really hurt me this year.

But where I’ve failed 398 other times (or more), this time, I stopped the slide.

How?  As I lost, I got rid of ALL of my clothes that no longer fit.  So when my favorite looser jeans got uncomfortably tight…I had no choice but to suck it up, step on the scale and get busy doing what I know I need to do.  I didn’t have any “fat” pants to pull out of the drawer and I sure as hell wasn’t going to go buy something new in a larger size.

The damage:  30 lbs.  *dies*  Normal people do not lose and gain 30 lbs in a year. They just don’t.  It’s going to take me forever to lose again.  I don’t know why I can’t get it together every day, all year, and keep it off.  It scares me that even if I get to goal, it’ll be a constant struggle to STAY there.

But on the bright side, I’ve stopped the slide THIS TIME. I’ve put together 2 solid weeks of tracking.  I’m concentrating on whole foods and eating sensibly.  So while it might take a while to undo the damage, I’m not damaging my metabolism or heath by going on some crazy crash plan that I can’t stick with.

(That Man’s doing a weight loss challenge at work, and his current diet is an apple, two plums, and a salad for dinner with about 500 calories of bottled dressing.  Yeah.)

Slow and steady and healthy.  I know what I need to do.  I just have to do it.

The battle continues.

4 thoughts on “Battling the Bulge, Round 399

  1. Keep it up, Joely!

  2. Keep it up Joely. You have the motivation to succeed. I’m cheering for you all the way!!

  3. Yeah, TM’s gonna get tired of that quick. *headshake* You’re a rock, Sis. You’ll get back where you need to be. I have no doubt. When you dig in your heels, God help whatever’s on the other side of that tug-o-war.

  4. I totally know where you’re coming from. I did great losing weight earlier this year. I finally hit my two years ago goal of losing 68 pounds. But I had great motivation then. I was a bridesmaid and had dress to fit into. Now that the wedding is over I’ve been doing horribly. I think I might have even gained but only a pound or two. I need to get back on the horse, but its so hard without that motivation.

    Maybe we should start another group, like Romance’s Biggest Winners. Not a contest like that, but just a support group to keep us on the straight and narrow.

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