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Beating the Dog Days of Summer

If you go back over the years and look at my history, I never tend to do well over the summer.  The kids are up late, which means I can’t concentrate at night.  We’re up later, because the kids are up later, so I can’t get up early.  If I can’t get up early, I obviously can’t do Dark & Early writing!  So when do I write?  Lunch?  Not with my project load at the Evil Day Job right now.  (Twice in the past three days of work I’ve forgotten to even EAT lunch, let alone take time to write.)

So I have to get a plan of action done NOW.  Some kind of strategy to help me get my projects done instead of waiting (praying) for September.

The first thing I did today was print out June, July, and Aug calendars.  I penciled in all the projects I need to work on.  My releases and planned promo.  I organized my idea file (and yes, I got a new idea germinating.  Sigh.)  I prepared my wishlist of projects too — things I’d really like to work on but haven’t committed anywhere or to anyone yet.  All the various lists are recorded instead of cluttering up my head and distracting me.

I also joined a book club discussing 100 Days of Weight Loss to keep my diet progressing.  35.8 pounds lost since Jan and I don’t want to lose momentum!

I also committed to walking 12 miles in June.  Not a lot by any means, but I figured a challenge would help me get active again.  I seem to do EITHER eating or exercising…I can’t do both at the same time.

Let me rephrase that using Day 1 of the 100 day challenge.  In the past, I used to be unable to exercise and diet at the same time consistently, but today, I’m going to find a way to do both.  I’ve been dieting consistently since January, so I just need to set a small exercise goal that I know I can achieve.  Done!

My number one priority in June will be to finish the first draft of The Bloodgate Warrior.  Then I have two proposals I want to finish plotting, including synopses, and then choose one to begin drafting.  I’ll also have Vicki revisions this month (details will be announced as soon as I have dets in hand).  I’m preparing promo plans for Golden this August, including some FANTASTIC artwork that Soleil is creating.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

So, I’ll continue to eat right.  I’ll begin a modest exercise program.  And probably the most important thing, I need to get enough sleep so I can get up as many times D&E as possible.  (I totally overslept today and wasted a pot of coffee.)  I have to be in bed by 10 pm each night, if not earlier.  Sigh.  That’ll be the toughest thing on my list!

Do you lose momentum in the summer, and if so, how do you plan to combat it?

6 thoughts on “Beating the Dog Days of Summer

  1. *hugs* Good luck with your goals, and remember that sleep is just as important! Also congrats on the weight loss!

    And EEE I can talk about it now! :mrgreen: I hope to have some concepts for you to look at by Sunday. I just have to move my new desk into my room and dig up my Scanner.

  2. I can’t wait to see the cover for Golden!! Love that story so much!

  3. SJ, you didn’t have to keep it a secret! Don’t rush — I know you’re incredibly busy with moving. I hope it goes well and is painless!

    Stephanie, I can’t wait for the cover either (different artist). Wait until you see what SJ is making though. Images for my Romance Trading Cards!! I was having a hard time finding hot asian men not holding a cellphone or sword…not wearing a business suit or ninja gear… Sigh. Nothing like the Emperor and Jin!

  4. @SJ I don’t envy you the moving. Good luck! And Golden trading cards!!! Can’t wait!

  5. I have a hard time in the summer too. I don’t have kids, but everyone else always wants to play in the summer and its so much harder to get time to write. With all the graduations, cookouts, fourth of july parties, etc…Also the heat gets to me easily and the idea of sitting down with a hot computer on my lab sounds torturous. A few years ago, before I got a new computer (which I almost feel like I need to do again, sigh) my computer used to get so hot in the summer it would just shut down, over heat, with no warning. I had to retype so much because of these shut downs. It just got to be infuriating.

    I’d much rather have snow than 100 degree weather. I know I’m a freak saying it, but its true.

  6. Sigh, with the new dog I have no idea how this summer is going to go but I do have a new walking partner 🙂 The need to make sure the dog gets her exercise is forcing me to exercise so I guess that’s a win. Good luck with all your projects!

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