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Good News Monday

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted good news.  I just didn’t feel like it while my poor laptop was in the shop and I’ve been so behind on everything.  However….

  • I got my laptop back on Friday!  I kissed it and petted it and named it George…  Okay, not really, but I did hug it and I might have almost shed a tear or two of joy as I opened up Word and it didn’t take five minutes to load my file.
  • We’re very close to finalizing Return to Shanhasson’s cover!  If you want an ARC, please e-mail or comment here and I’ll get you the file. 
  • In June so far, I’ve walked 2 of my promised 12 miles.  I hurt the top of my foot yesterday — I guess my Sketchers were tied too tight and I didn’t notice until it was too late.  Ouch!  If it’s not too sore, I plan to walk again today. 
  • Still dieting on plan, although I’m up about two pounds.  That’s a normal game my body plays, unfortunately, but this time, I know if I hang in there, it’ll eventually give up and drop this little bit extra its hording!
  • I survived another high-stress week at the Evil Day Job.  June is going to be rough, I’m afraid, but I know I can survive.   (It’s not often that my wrists are sore from programming and not from writing.) 
  • I’m in Act 3 of The Bloodgate Warrior and wrote the first climax last night.  Poor Tecun got a nasty surprise.

If I push really really hard……

I should be able to finish The Bloodgate Warrior this week.  I’m just scenes away from the end.  (I took my spreadsheet out and propped it up to inspire me with how close I am!)  It’s not so many words that I need to write — they’re just hard ones, if that makes sense.  I keep waiting for the steamroller urge to kick in and just grind “the end” to dust, but it’s still a slow crawl.  However, it’s a steady crawl, and I know I WILL GET THERE.  Eventually.  It’s just taking me longer than usual.

3 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. *cheers for Joely*

  2. *sob* poor Tecun. Go Joely Go!

  3. Thanks so much, Susi and Stephanie! I sooooo hope this is the week I can say “the end!”

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