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Book Party

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I have the BEST FAMILY.

My beloved Sister, Papa from Mexico, Aunt BB and Uncle J came over today to help me celebrate the release of The Rose of Shanhasson. I made Settler’s Beans (with splenda brown sugar and drained all the fat off I could), Spinach Salad (with light sour cream and light mayonaise), potato salad (light mayonaise)—-and nobody noticed it was healthier than usual! We also had steak, delicious home-raised beef that Papa brought. I baked homemade bread and Aunt Molly brought cookies which I’m going to treat myself to one tonight.

We talked and talked and talked. We drank a couple of gallons of coffee. I had time for girl talk with BB and Molly and promised a trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply next Friday with BB and a trip this spring to introduce her to Papa’s horses. I forgot to tell Molly this, but I plan to come see her in Joplin too.

We topped the night off with a bottle of champagne and lots of wonderful words and support from three of my biggest fans: Papa, Molly and Aunt BB. I love you guys.

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