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Friday Snippet – The Rose of Shanhasson

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You’ve seen parts of Rose before (originally titled BloodRose), but since it comes out this weekend from Drollerie Press, I thought I’d post a snippet that shows why I love Gregar so much.

Setup: This is the day after Rhaekhar defeated Shannari’s army. All is not sunshine and bunnies despite their first night together. In fact, he stalked out of the room thoroughly insulted and hasn’t seen her for hours. This discussion with his two best friends who are also Blood, or bodyguards, worsens his turmoil.

Varne is the nearest Blood, the first of the nine Blood and the last line of defense.

Gregar is the shadowed Blood who used to be a Death Rider, an assassin.

[translation notes, or check the Sha’Kae al’Dan dictionary]

Rhaekhar shaded his eyes against the rising sun and surveyed the green fields to the east and then the river to the southwest. “I

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