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Buy a Book, Save the World (and Borders)

Thanks to Moonrat, Alison Kent, and Jennifer Jackson, I, too, was inspired to do my part to save publishing.  I took my quest to troubled Borders.  Without my 20% off coupon.  (Although I did claim my reward points.)

And yes, I nearly had withdrawal-symptom convulsions as I passed Swallowing Darkness by LKH in hardcover.  She’s my crack and I’m a junkie, I admit it, no matter how irritated I end up with Anita Blake.  But I figured she’d probably made plenty of money off me already and chose to spend my precious quest dollars more wisely.  No more LKH hardcovers!!!  I can wait for paperback.  *wipes sweaty brow and tries to ignore shaking hands*

As a result, I came home with:

Red by Jordan Summers (can’t say I like the red-edged pages but I’m looking forward to a new Red Riding Hood!)

Feast of Souls by C.S. Friedman (loved the Coldfire Trilogy)

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks (hmm, no idea why an assassin protagonist would appeal to me) :mrgreen:

How about you?

Depressing side note:  I don’t know if it was my imagination or not, but the front tables at Borders seemed especially light.  In the past, I’ve struggled to find “new” fiction because they had books stacked so deeply, even beneath the tables on the floor.  Today, I could see the color of wood beneath the books.  I also noted that they reshuffled how they stocked romance.  They used to keep all the trade (mostly erotic) and hardcover “segregated” by itself.  Now it’s all mixed together with normal romance, which I think makes better sense (although it bothered my need for symmetry to see the mix of book heights all jumbled together on the shelves). 

The only books stacked on the floor were…more copies of Swallowing Darkness!  Gah.  But I restrained myself and bought 3 books instead of 1 as a result.

2 thoughts on “Buy a Book, Save the World (and Borders)

  1. I don’t really care for Borders. Mean thing to say, I know. They are always late in getting the new releases whereas the B&N next door is early. The Borders near me is always a mess and the kids’ section is a disaster. I used to shop there a lot but got turned off. They have the most unhelpful and unpleasant employees. They are only one of two bookstores in an area of about 200K people and the parking lot is alway full. I hope they stay in business but frankly I’m not surprised they are in trouble. I will say, however, the Borders I went to in Las Vegas was very nice and easy to navigate.

  2. I haven’t been to Borders lately but now I fear to go. I’ve heard others speak of their emptier looking shelves. We actually have a wonderful Borders here. Never had any trouble with the employees. I’d hate to see them go out of business because I love their coupons and every now and then I get $5.00 toward the purchase of a book. B&N doesn’t do that and they want to charge you to get those Reader’s Preference cards or whatever they’re called.

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