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NaNo Day 12 Part 2

With my afternoon session, I ran into another full-blown intense emotional scene.  Whew.  Again, my nerves are in tatters.  So intense.  And yeah, not Romancelandia-correct, but the torches and pitchforks would have come out a loooooong time ago for this Story.  :mrgreen:

I think I’m ready for a “summary” lead in to the next major part of the book when they officially Return to Shanhasson.  Actually, I think I need a Mykal section.  Squee!  The Keldari plot thickens…

I’ll update this entry again if I get any more tonight after monster homework.  Back to the Evil Day Job tomorrow.

Word count: 1,620

NaNo total: 31,773


She slammed her fist into his stomach.  Her knuckles cracked against the hard slab of muscle, but she welcomed the pain.  This was a good pain.  It told her she was alive.  She hadn’t frozen solid yet.

Dharman didn’t even grunt.  Raising her throbbing fist in his hand, he kissed her knuckles.  Now, he made a low rumbling sound, whether pleasure or sympathy, she didn’t want to know. 

“A few more blows like that and your hand will be broken and swollen.  It won’t hurt you so much if you use my face.”  Like a horse, he nuzzled his cheek against her fist and wrist.  “Or use the heel of your hand to spare your knuckles.  Otherwise, you’ll finish much too soon.”

“We don’t want that,” Sal drawled, shaking his red hair forward to hang in his eyes.  “I want a turn.”

She didn’t think; she slapped him so hard the noise exploded in the tent.  Shaken, she stared at him, her mouth falling open with horror.  Her palm burned.  Lady, what had she done?

“Don’t give it all to him just because you know he likes pain,” Dharman growled, drawing her attention to him.  “I like pain, too, when it comes from your hand.”

“I like anything you do.”  Sal tipped his head back, shaking his hair away from his face so her handprint blazed clearly on his cheek.  “Give us more.  Hands, teeth, whatever you need.”

Dharman shifted his weight forward, his eyes flashing in the tent.  “Vulkar, especially your teeth.  I want that most of all.”

3 thoughts on “NaNo Day 12 Part 2

  1. You really don’t want to know what you do to my libido with these men. Holy cow, woman!

  2. Ummm…yeah, that excerpt would not be considered pc in our current climate. But I like it. Definitely made me want to read more. I’m wondering how much pain these guys can take. How strong would they be if she said “okay, now for some suffering. We’re going to watch Dr. Phil now.”

  3. Deena, I’m glad you like and aren’t running screaming for the hills, because that was a very minor snippet for that particular sceen. 😳 😈 Mykal’s not even on screen yet, and Lady help her when Gregar decides to show up again.

    Rene, giggles, Dr. Phil is definitely some suffering!! They can take a lot. They’re Blood. And boy do they like it when she dishes it out. She must be warned, though, that Dharman in particular gives as good as he takes. Sal just wants to take. :mrgreen:

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