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Second Weekend of Coyote Con

It’s a full weekend ahead on all fronts.

Personal/Family wise, we had Homecoming tonight, I have to logon bright and early tomorrow morning for the Evil Day Job for a major software conversion (my piece is thankfully small but 5-6 AM on a Saturday is still damn early), and then Princess has a local band contest all day.  Since it’s local, that means my niece will also be marching, so Grandma’s coming to town to see it.  That means visiting and sitting on benches at least a couple of hours tomorrow waiting for the girls to perform.  Then probably a huge family dinner (thankfully OUT so I don’t have to cook).

That means I don’t yet know which Coyote Con panels I personally will be able to attend tomorrow.  Since my evening is also possibly compromised, we decided to hold off until next weekend for the Live Movie Slam of The Immortals.

I hope YOUR weekend isn’t so busy!  Here’s tomorrow’s schedule.  I hope to see you there!