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CC101 – Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated, both with your posts and your comments!  I had a blast — I hope you did too.

Drawn from the posters, the winner is:  Jenna Reynolds!

Drawn from the commenters (including blog owners’ comments), the winner is:  Soleil!

Congrats to both of you!  E-mail me with the details of what you’d like me send you!

Don’t be sad if you weren’t drawn — there’s another chance to win a gift certificate if you can help me come up with a title.  Also stay tuned for more prizes.  I plan to give away Larissa Ione’s three Demonica books in March!

2 thoughts on “CC101 – Winners

  1. Yaaay, winners!!! I learned so much about my own characters, I actually feel like I won too! :mrgreen:

  2. Bethanie, I’m so glad it helped! I learned a lot too. I always enjoy hearing about other writers’ process!

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