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Title Help!

We’re trying to come up with a new title for “Letters to An English Professor.”  Something fun, sexy, slightly kinky, that screams romance with light BDSM.  The story’s hero is an English Professor who loves Romantic Period poets, gives interesting pop quizzes with sizzling extra credit, and quotes poetry throughout.  The heroine specializes in restorations, calls herself the “Fix-It Lady” and her company’s slogan is “Making Things Right.” 

Some title possibilities we’ve considered:

Pop Quiz, A Poem to Bind Me, Poetry Lessons, Extra Credit, Poetic Submission, The Professor and the Fix-It Lady…

Well, you get the idea.  None of them really stand up and shout PICK ME! PICK ME!

Do you have any ideas?  If so, shout it out.  If we end up using your title suggestion, I’ll give you a $5 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance.  My friend Jenna writing as Anna Black has a brand new story out with them today.

4 thoughts on “Title Help!

  1. Oh, golly, I am terrible with titles… I actually like “A Poem to Bind Me” and “Poetic Submission” and think they fit the story fairly well… Is there a famous line from one of Conn’s favorite poems that you could twist? I always like titles that do that too… Hmmmmm… Sorry I can’t be of more help! 🙁

  2. Oh, dear. This is one thing I am NOT good at.

  3. Thanks for the link, Joely!

    I’m horrible at titles, I’m afraid, but as Bethanie suggested is there a line in one of Conn’s poems that could work? The Elizabethan poets, if I were recall, were pretty adept at coming up with double entendres in their stuff. 😉

  4. How about “Cracking the Whip — Gently”

    “Tickle Me With Your Mind”

    “Touch Me, Stroke Me, Ophelia Drive Me Mad”


    “The Tale of the Man Who Moaned Sonnets”


    “They Could Barely Breathe”

    *G* (I’m in an odd mood today)

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