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Cleaning the Desk

As another year winds to a close, I start to look back over the year and gauge how I did on meeting my goals.  And as usual, I don’t feel like I accomplished enough, certainly nowhere near what I *hoped* to do.

However, I’m still writing, still submitting, and still selling.  I’m still loving what I’m writing.  I’m so grateful to every reader, both of the blog and my books, who enable me to keep doing what I love.

But I definitely want to work on my output in 2012.  I haven’t been keeping good records, so I can’t even for sure tell you what books I completed in 2011.  The years start to blend together, along with numerous revisions and edits, until I can’t remember when I even started a book, let alone how many actual words I wrote.

So this week I’ll be reviewing my to-do list and getting as much pushed off my desk as possible.  I’ll also be going over all of my projects, organizing my files, and making a game plan for tackling my wips.  Cleaning my desk, so to speak, and figuring out the best way to track my progress.  I’m thinking I need to go back to using a master spreadsheet.

What’s your big goal for 2012?

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  1. Your to-do lists scare me 🙂 but good luck!! You may want to look at she has a Daily Scheduler that helps track everything from new words to submissions to blog posts and emails. I love it but have a hard time remembering to fill it out, LOL. I think she offers it free if you sign up for her newsletter which she doesn’t spam you with.

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas 🙂

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