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My Best Achievement in 2011

Is definitely my weight loss.

I’ve never been able to sustain any weight loss efforts this long before!  I’ll hit one year with Weight Watchers Online on 1/5/2012.  So far, I’ve lost 61 pounds, and yes, I still have quite a ways to go.  It’s taken me the last 6 months to lose 20 pounds, but that’s okay.  Slow and steady gives my body time to shrink even if the scale doesn’t budge.

You might think I’m joking, but my SIL keeps calling me the Disappearing SIL — even when I swear the scale didn’t budge at all.  I need to lose quite a bit more, so even when I maintain or don’t lose that much, I tell myself that gives everything time to shrink a little into place. :lol:

I went from never wearing jeans — because I refused to buy them so large and be devastated by the size — to wearing almost all jeans all the time.  Last night, I went to Kohl’s to spend a gift certificate from my Dad (exactly what I asked for – thank you, Papa!!), and was absolutely tickled to FINALLY get into the next lower size of jeans.  It seems like I’ve been stuck for months, but I just about bawled with joy when those new smaller Lee’s fit!  I still have a pair of Gap jeans in the same size that are too small, but I know I’m very very close.

The key for me was deciding that I don’t care how long it takes.  I don’t care if I have a small gain.  I don’t care if I temporarily slip off plan.  I WILL get back on and I WILL do it.  Again and again and again, even if it takes me the rest of my life.  I will eventually get to goal.  I’ll start over every single day, every single meal, if that’s what it takes.

Of course joining Romance Biggest Winner was also a great idea.  Having a weekly accountability above and beyone WW has kept me on track.  I wanted to lose 25 pounds I think – which I won’t quite make, but I’ll be very close.  I hope we run another round in 2012!

My number one goal for 2012 is to implement a consistent exercise routine, something that I’ve dabbled with this year but haven’t successfully committed to on a regular basis.  My plan is to customize Power 90 where I can switch up the “sweat” portion when I get too bored or feel too much hatred for those downward/upward dogs.  I have several other cardio-type exercises I can swap in as needed, but I love the strength portion of Tony’s workout.

2 thoughts on “My Best Achievement in 2011

  1. Congratulations on your jean-wearing success Joely! 😀 You’ve done such a fantastic job!

  2. Whoot!! Definitely an awesome achievement Joely. Congrats.

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