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Color Me Intrigued

Color always plays a huge role in writing for me, which may seem rather odd.

Think about it.  The Blood and Shadows world colors are appropriately black, red, and white.  The Trinity is based on that color scheme, and the main characters reflect those colors as well.  With the Sha’Kae al’Dan, color is part of their individual honor.  The Blood, the personal guards, all wear red to symbolize their willingness to sacrifice every last drop of blood in Khul’s defense.

In Beautiful Death, Isabella’s trademark clothes are based on a simple color scheme:  black and indigo.  Hades is silver, to match his hair and eyes.  Their power signatures also match the colors, and Isabella’s aura manifests as sweeping indigo butterfly wings.

Now the brand new project I’m working on suddenly shouted out its color scheme to me.  Purple, mainly, with emerald green, and just a touch of black and red.  What makes this hilarious is I have to use folders, papers, and pens that reflect those colors.  Of course I have a black and red speckled composition book for the Blood and Shadows work.  now I have a purple folder and purple legal pad for the new project.  I have no idea what those colors MEAN yet, but creatively, those are the colors that are speaking for this project.

How about you — does color play a part in your world or character building?

2 thoughts on “Color Me Intrigued

  1. Not in recent memory. My symbolism is usually tied more to Light and Dark. Not very sublte, but it happens time and again in my writing.

  2. You know, that’s one of the things I most admire about your writing process, Sis. It gives you such a strong grip on personality, tone, theme, and style. I don’t do it, but maybe I should. Or at least try to find something that works equally well for me. *snerk*

    Or at least find something that works better than whatever sarcastic joke I just heard that spawned yet another crazy idea in no particular genre I’ve tried before that will probably end up being a fiasco by the end of it!

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