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Crazy Busy

I’ve been so busy this past week, and we’ve had a lot of drama and stress.  I also had galleys to get back on Yours to Take – which I’m ashamed to admit I ended up turning in late.  I’ve never been late before, but with everything going on, I just got behind.  So that was my main push last week.

That Man has a job and he starts tomorrow.  I started school shopping this weekend.  I got several business casual outfits for myself to prepare for my upcoming trip to MN.  I found some great vegetarian recipes (watch out family, I might be pulling them out on everyone, not just Princess!).  The fridge is well stocked for a week of healthy meals, including lots of smoked chicken That Man cooked today.

Now let me buckle down and finish the additions to Lady Blackmyre…  And the expansion to Bloodgate… then I’ll be in good shape for this month.  Nose to the grindstone!

1 thought on “Crazy Busy

  1. *hugs*

    I love you, Sis. You’ll get there. I have faith.

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