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Weight Watcher Update

I had a HUGE weigh in today:  -4.6!  On paper that looks great.  In reality, I’m only down .4 from my last low.  I’m hugely thankful though — those two weeks of gains are off much quicker than I expected.

The key has been Power 90.  I made it 4 times the first week, 5 times last week, and I’m on track to make it 6 times this week (assuming I make it every weekday).  Power 90 saved my sanity on Friday.  I was stressed out to the max and I had a KILLER workout.  I think it was the hardest, most exhilerating workout to date.

I’m also trying a new protein mix (Syntha 6) that I’m finding very satisfying, recommended to me on Twitter by Isabelle.  I’m not 100% happy with the ingredients (it contains Splenda) but it tastes great and I don’t feel ravenous an hour after drinking it like with BioChem + Weight Watcher Smoothie (my concoction before).  It’s pointy – 6 if I make it with 1 c. of unsweetened almond milk – but it really does a nice job of making me feel like my gas tank is pleasantly replenished after a hard workout.

What I learned this time around is to keep trying things until I find what works for me.  That Man ordered a drink mix a few months ago.  I tried it one time and felt shaky afterward, like I was having a sugar crash.  BioChem didn’t make me feel bad, but it tasted so terrible that I had to mix it with WW smoothie mixes to gag it down.  Then I still needed to eat a small meal within an hour.

No gagging at all with Syntha.  Mixed with 1 c. fresh spinach and 1 c. frozen fruit, it makes an incredibly rich and tasty drink that sticks with me for 2-3 hours.

Princess has decided she wants to be a vegetarian, so we’ve been trying a few new dishes.  I’m happy to eat the same dishes with her, and then add a chicken breast, etc. if I need a little more protein.  If you have a favorite vegetarian recipe, we’d love to have it!  She’s going to get real tired of Boca burgers pretty fast.

She did Power 90 Sweat with me today and it was so much fun.  She kept saying there was something wrong with Tony for making us work so hard, and then swore there was no way he could be 42 (at the time Power 90 was taped).  He definitely worked us both out hard today!  I had to take some pauses and catch my breath.  I think I was working out harder with company.  Or maybe that was just from laughing as she tried to pick up all the moves with her hilarious commentary.  Anyway, I was pretty darned proud that I was able to hang with my 13 year old daughter and even out-do her at times (I ought to, I’ve been doing Power 90 a lot longer!).  A year ago, I would have keeled over dead at the thought of working out that hard!

8 thoughts on “Weight Watcher Update

  1. I have quite a few vegetarian recipes. I’ll pull some favorites and drop you an email. Is she vegetarian, as in will eat animal byproducts like milk, butter, cheese, eggs, or vegan, as in nothing animal? I don’t know if the magazine is still around but I used to love Vegetarian Times for their simple and satisfying recipes.

    Way to go on the weight loss and the Power 90 with company 🙂

    1. Yay, that will be awesome – thank you! She’s including milk, cheese, and eggs right now. I’ll look and see if I can find that magazine.

  2. Woot on the weight loss! I know you were worried. {{huggs}} Also, another woot for your daughter! Super awesome, hon, and I wish I could get mine to exercise with me, but she just rolls her eyes.

    I’m making these for supper tomorrow. Quinoa stuffed peppers. 🙂

    She has a huge list of healthy recipes on the ‘recipe box’ page and every one I’ve looked at has various nutritional breakdowns, including WW Points and Points Plus.

    1. Those look so good, Tambo! Too bad Princess won’t eat peppers. 🙁 I’ll work on her!

      1. She could have just the filling, maybe. It was really good (we all had seconds) and would be amazing on/with tortilla chips, maybe with more cheese, kinda like nachos.

  3. Very interesting. I’ll have to poke and pry to see what brought PM’s mind around to vegetarianism. I’m tempted to ask if there’s a boy involved, heheh. Either way, it’ll definitely make things easier for you! Many many kudos!

    1. She’s leaning toward being a veterinarian and she loves animals. Plus she had a teacher last year she really admired who was also vegetarian. As long as she doesn’t go fully vegan, I can deal with it pretty easy. I like most vegetarian dishes myself.

      1. Amen. Some vegetarian stuff is just plain good.

        I’m glad it’s coming from a more introspective place, though. I got no problem with kids making life choices like that if it’s not for dumb reasons (my friends are doing it, there’s this guy I like, [insert bubblehead celebrity name] says it’s animal cruelty to eat meat, etc.).

        Good on PM for thinking it out after seeing it in a responsible adult she admires and making her own decision to try it for herself.

        I’m with you on the “hoping she doesn’t go full vegan” thing, though. When she’s out on her own, more power to her if that’s how she feels she needs to live, but when you already have 4 other mouths to feed as healthily and cost-effectively as possible? VETO.

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