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Dragging but Safe

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Boy oh boy, 4 a.m. was a loooong time ago. However, I had a pretty relaxing afternoon here in the hotel. I unpacked, checked e-mail (thank you for free wi-fi!), and even finished Omega Games. Yay!! Now I must not start my other book, or I’ll have it finished too fast and won’t have anything for the plane ride home. (Gee that’d be too bad if I had to buy ANOTHER book at the airport…considering I almost bought two in Memphis even though I do have a spare.)

The flight was uneventful for the most part. A little bumpy on the leg from Springfield to Memphis, and packed, every seat full. I hooked up with my coworker in Memphis — although we work “together” I don’t really know him well since I telecommute from home, so that was rather hilarious. He asked if I wanted him to put me down as a driver on the rental car and I about passed out. I really hate to drive in strange places.

We even got our preliminary “game plan” stuff out of the way for tomorrow, so the rest of the evening is mine to iron for tomorrow and simply enjoy the quiet. I already checked in with the monsters. Evidently Princess Monster dropped Littlest Monster on her head twice. Not sure how that happened…but everyone is okay and already fighting over who gets to sleep in the big bed with daddy, and who has to sleep on the floor. I can hear all the bickering already…actually…no.

QUIET. That’s what that noise, or rather the lack thereof, is. What a wondrous thing.

My eyes are killing me, so I might not try to write anything tonight. May just laze around a bit and hit the sack early.

Have a great week, everyone!

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