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The Pojo War

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That’s a techie joke that came up in today’s meetings with our vendor. See, I’m here with a very technical guy from my company, meeting a mixture of very techy guys, sales guys, and the base system guys at our vendor. I can more easily talk shop with the latter group of guys than the techy ones. (And yes, other than the secretary at the check-in desk, I’m the only female in this group.)

They got to talking about “pojo” today — plain old java objects — and wars — web archive, a way the java code is compiled — and although I knew roughly what those things are, the topics flying through the air were way more than I could follow. So I made a comment to the (relatively bored) back-end system guy sitting beside me that they were having a pojo war and I was sure glad I wasn’t involved.

Today was the think-so-hard-your-brain-hurts day. Yesterday was the oooh-I’m-getting-so-many-ideas-my-brain-hurts day. I stayed up late last night capturing my thoughts/summaries for my boss and re-drawing a bunch of business diagrams. I didn’t even crack a book open, let alone think about my own book files. That’s okay. The analytical side of my brain is firing on all cylinders and I’ll just have to ride it out. This is my life, and as odd as it may sound, I do get all fired up about these aspects of the Evil Day Job too. (Or else, I obviously wouldn’t be here.)

So in the end, I am in the pojo war, whether I admit it or not.

It’s been a terrific trip. We’ve learned a lot, shared a lot, and met up with people I’ve occasionally seen over the years. The only thing that would make this trip better would be if I could immediately go up to the home office and share everything in person with my coworkers. While I do love telecommuting from home, it’s times like these that I wish I could sit down with my coworkers and friends so they could see the spark in my eye while I diagram a bunch of stuff for them.

Oh, well. They’ll just have to hear the spark in my voice over the phone.

Tomorrow, I’m homeward bound.

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