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Faking It…Dark and Early

I still feel like I’m faking it but I am hitting Dark & Early for the first time in months.  Alarm goes off at 5 AM and I write until I have to get the kids up at 6.  It takes me a few minutes to brush my teeth, make coffee, and get downstairs, but most mornings I can get 700-800 words before I have to get everyone up.

Getting that chunk out of the way first thing in the morning makes it easier to break 1K by working a little at a time at night.  I’m still feeling my way through Sig’s backstory and the core of his issues.  What is his price?  What’s he afraid of?  Who’s his House and what does that mean politically?  So many things.  It’s uncomfortable to write but I keep pushing every single day.

His theme song for this book is Even Deeper by Nine Inch Nails.  Help me hold on.

I’m guessing this book is going to break the 50K mark.  We’ll see.  I have a lot of plot to cover yet!

Lady Blackmyre’s edits are done and I have the official blurb.  I’ll make updates shortly (ETA:  Done!) to the series page and share the cover as soon as I can.  She’s going to look extremely good beside Lady Wyre!

2 thoughts on “Faking It…Dark and Early

  1. Oh, you picked a good song (and band!) for a hardcore backstory. I’m gonna think of Sig every time I hear it, now. Yes. I have an NIN playlist on my mp3 player at work. Sweeeeeeeeet.

    And… eeeee! Lady Blackmyre! Can’t wait to see the cover art!

  2. I still feel like I’m faking a lot too, but you’ve made a lot more progress than I have. Keep on keeping on! You’re doing great.

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