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Fast Draft Day 006

I hoped to break 15K today but it just didn’t happen.  I slept in this morning, which I needed desperately, but that put me behind.  Between fending off starving monsters, climbing Mt. Laundry and destroying the kitchen for dinner, I just didn’t get as much done as I hoped.

Today: 1,882

Total:  13,918


The damned quetzal started screeching again.  My ears rang with the sound, and his world suddenly wavered, thin and insubstantial.  I clutched him desperately, slipping further away, fighting to stay in the dream.  Sleek hair slid through my fingers, and I tore brilliant feathers loose in my effort to stay with him.

“Bring me back to life.”  He whispered inside my head, but I couldn’t feel him any longer.  I couldn’t smell his tropical scent, but I could still taste him.  I’d never be able to eat another guava or passion fruit without remembering, aching for him.  “Wake me.  Call me to your side.  Not even Alvarado himself could keep me from you once the gate is open.”

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  1. GutterBall said it! Double Oooohhh!

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