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Fast Draft Day 007

Technically this is “day 8” because I decided to take yesterday off.  Days off during Fast Draft (or NaNoWriMo) can backfire by breaking rhythm.  I definitely do better when I’m in the story every single day.  However, That Man had to work yesterday, so getting the monsters up and out the door by 8:30 am for church took a lot out of me.  Then we did lunch out and I took them shopping at Wal-Mart (what was I THINKING?!?!?) and by the time we got home, Mom was done.

I ended up playing games instead (thank you Big Fish Games!)

Getting up D&E this morning was doubly hard, then, because I was still tired from getting up early yesterday plus getting off to a possible slow start, so I primed the pump as much as possible last night when I went to bed.  What does that mean?  I deliberately put the story in my head before I went to sleep.  It doesn’t always work — if I’m extremely tired, I fall asleep too fast to make a difference.  But I had enough time last night to mull over the story before I dozed off, and I realized that I was getting a little stuck on Sat. because the scene was unfolding too quickly.

I needed some tension BEFORE the big event in the scene. *winks* 

So I got busy this morning with some tension and delay.  I had to re-write a little — the cardinal sin of Fast Draft — but I had to fix where I was going before I could continue.  Finally broke 15K this morning (Saturday’s goal, but I’ll take it) — but I’d be even happier if I ended up with 16K by the time my head hits the pillow tonight.

Today so far:  1,242

Total:  15,160


Throwing the blankets back, I started to get up, but a turquoise feather lay beside me.  Over two feet long and slightly curved, it had to be a quetzal feather.  If I’d found it on the floor or on top of the bed, I could have tried to reason with myself that it’d surely just fallen into my bed by accident.  But under the blankets? 

It hadn’t been there last night when I came to bed.  Natalie had laughed at my nightly ritual of throwing back all the blankets and sheets to make sure no creepy crawlies waited to snuggle with me…until she found a massive cricket licking her leg one night.

The windows were shut.  My door locked.  So how had this phantom feather made its way into my bed?

3 thoughts on “Fast Draft Day 007

  1. :shiver:

    I’ve had a few creepy crawlies in bed before, don’t blame her at all 🙂

  2. I’m loving the first person

  3. Cricket’s have tongues?

    And reow, so many shiver-worthy things come to mind that can be done with that feather.

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