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Fast Draft Day 008b

I got all messed up on my days after taking Sunday off, and then posting twice yesterday.  I didn’t bother changing “day 008” last night because it was late and I was tired — so I’ll just flag this as 008b and go from there.  It’s not important in the end, other than helping me determine my average word count.  This really is the 8th day I’ve been working on Fast Draft, putting my average (with this morning’s words) at 2,154.  Not bad.  Although I’d be far from upset if I could bump that up closer to 2.5K a day.  *winks*

So up D&E this morning despite the later night.  I actually woke up at 4:30 and almost got up then, but I figured even half an hour could do me some good later today.  I’m in another smex scene – gee, these characters are like bunnies!  (Although to be honest, this is the first full-blown non-dream scene — everything else has been lead up to this, so it needs to be GOOD.)  So it’s been a bit slower than I’d like.  It’s one thing to have a plot laid out on paper, but another when two people must get intimate between the sheets.  It takes me awhile to get the feel for each scene.  What’s at stake?  Why is she uncomfortable?  What does he risk losing?  etc.  All things that make a powerful, transformative scene.

Speaking of plot on paper, I did a gut check this morning to see how closely I’m sticking to my outline and how far I am.  I’ve reordered a few things — the fountain scene was supposed to come later, but it made sense to move it up.  I also didn’t allow more than 1 little block for the big smex scene I’m working on, which is stupid because it’s big!   The first full-on-page all-the-way I’m-not-dreaming-any-longer  intimacy. 

I’ve only completed 9/20 scenes and I’m over 17K.  That means unless the final two pages of outlines go by very quickly, I’m looking more like 40-50K than 30-40K like I’d hoped.  Sigh.  We’ll see.  I could still finish this by the end of the month if I keep up this pace.  I really think the last few scenes will go extremely quickly…although the “sacrfice” at the top of the pyramid will be a killer!!  In more ways than one.  *evil*

Speaking again of killing…I had a terrible thought occur to me yesterday of a character’s possible death.  Not sure if that will happen yet or not.  I think I could get a sequel out of it, which I didn’t plan at all, so I may do it, even though it’s terribly mean!  (For The Bloodgate Guardian readers, think the “caged heart.”)

This moring’s words: 1,059

Total:  17,232


I wrapped my hands in his hair and jerked his head back so I could see his eyes.  “How will I recognize you?”

Eyes heavy lidded, he lowered his voice to that bone-shaking whisper of menace that curled my toes.  “You will look at me and not be able to breathe.  You will remember my taste and your body will fountain with desire at the memory of me inside you.  If you allow me to mark you with my teeth, your skin will catch fire at the sight of me.  You will carry my magic within you.  You will always know me, in whichever age and world we meet.  We will forever be drawn to find each other, whether on earth, my world, or even Xibalba.  If you give me a taste of your blood, then not even my death or a locked gate will ever keep me from you again.”

3 thoughts on “Fast Draft Day 008b

  1. :fans self: Nope, not enough :mrgreen:

    If these snippets are any indication, you’ll have very little edit/revision!

    Was that cackling I heard? You evil woman! I like it. Oh, and I’m all for a longer story 😉

  2. Mmmm….

    Can’t wait to read this one in its entirety. Dude.

  3. Sequel, sequel, sequel~! :mrgreen:

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