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Fast Draft Day 009

You know it’s going to be a long day when you finally wake up to the alarm…and realize it’s been going off for four minutes.

This morning’s D&E was sporadic at best.  I got up slightly late.  The family had to be up earlier than usual, and since Mom = official timekeeper and wake-up call, I had to stop every 15 mins or so to make sure they were up.  I got involved in writing between wake-up calls, so I actually got That Man up 10 mins late.  Oops.  Then I made the mistake of checking on my blog post – I’m over at Here Be Magic today talking about Barbarians Do It Doggie Style (in reference to Game of Thrones!) – and then I got involved in Twitter.

All classic mistakes during D&E.  I shouldn’t have even opened an IE window.

So while my daily count may look respectable, it’s actually padded by 500 words I got last night and didn’t report.  *sheepish*  As I said yesterday, I’m in a BIG sex scene – the first big fully explicit on page in the “real” world scene – and it’s slow going.  Writing good, interesting, non-skippable sex scenes is hard work, let me tell you.  I might have to skip ahead and get some of the action scenes done, and then come back, because I’m tired.  (More tired than the characters, evidently.)

Today: 1,128

Total:  18,360


He sighed, his arms tightening about me.  “There’s always great danger whenever I return to your earth.  A purpose awaits me.  Beware until I’m at your side.  You reek of my magic to anyone who can sense it.”

Darkness tried to claim me.  I fought that slow slide to loneliness, even though it was a losing battle.  Anguished, I cried out, straining to stay with him.

“Remember,” his voice echoed inside my head like thunder.  “I come again as called, but this time, I come for you.”

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  1. {{hugs}} on the challenging morning.

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