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Fess Up Monday

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February in Review

It wasn’t the greatest month but not bad. I wrote 16,500 words, about 10K new words to expand Letters to an English Professor. (About half of what I planned.) I don’t know that I’m going to get the 30K I needed or not. I wasn’t able to finish the revisions by 2/29 like I hoped, but that’s okay.

The Evil Day Job was crazy and demanding, so that took a toll on my desire to get up D&E to write. I did make it several times, but I wasn’t as productive as usual. I was simply too tired. This month will hopefully be better, although I have several big things due by 4/1.

This month will be huge for a lot of reasons. My first novel will be released 3/9, the dreaded book of my heart. The first book I wrote and completed, the book that haunted me until I got it right. To say I love the book is an understatement, and I’m so thrilled to see it coming out shortly! Of course, that means I’ll be busy getting promo items lined up, requesting reviews, etc. If you have a blog and are interested in reviewing either The Rose of Shanhasson or The Fire Within, please let me know. (Ann, I already sent the ARCs to you, my dear. Hopefully you got them.)

This month, I’m not sure exactly how the writing will all play out. I’ll be straddling two projects: the Letters revision and The Road to Shanhasson, book 2, otherwise known as Gregar’s book. I don’t have an outline prepared for the second so it might be touch and go. In this case, knowing exactly how the book ends doesn’t guarantee writing the middle will be a piece of cake. Let alone the beginning, in this case. But I did start wading through notes and old files this morning and made a little headway. I’ll continue muddling my way through a plan the rest of this week.

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