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I have a dilemma. Round 3 of 70 Days of Sweat has started, and I’m already behind. I’m torn. I don’t know what to do, which has allowed me to dither.

I’d hoped to have Letters revised by 3/1 so I could move perfectly into Gregar’s book for Sven. However, that hasn’t happened. I might not even be halfway through the revisions. The Evil Day Job took a toll on me in Feb and my D&E sessions just weren’t as productive as I’d hoped, and definitely fewer and farther between than I planned.

After sleeping in yesterday (no basketball!) and today (oops, overslept and missed church), I’m ready to begin a month of hard writing. Yet I still can’t get my mind in gear. I’ve done NO OUTLINING whatsoever for Gregar’s story. I know it inside and out… yet there are several sticky points. One just happens to be the beginning. To claim on the page or not… (Inside joke — read Rose to find out what the big deal is about a claiming.)

Letters isn’t in an any better place right now. It’s hard to change scenes around to another POV. I’ve added some nice layers and texture, definitely, but I’m in a Dark Valley where I’m really wondering whether I’m doing the right thing, if I should have just left it alone.

Well, enough whining. I’m going to make a decision tonight and get up D&E tomorrow ready to work. I’m just not sure on which project yet.

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