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Fess Up Monday

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Last week was a toughie. I did get a little written each morning (around 500 words) so it wasn’t a total loss, but I’ve been under a huge amount of stress at the Evil Day Job. Slinging code as fast as possible, so much I even moved my ergonomic keyboard and mouse over to my work station because my wrists were killing me again. (Once you’ve been a computer programmer for over ten years, you don’t actually do much straight coding! So my wrists are out of practice.)

Then on Friday late afternoon (when I’m supposed to be ready to turn everything over for testing next week), all my work blew up in my face with an unrecoverable error. My design is flawed. Big time.

Needless to say, I wasn’t in a good place mentally this weekend.

Littlest Monster got up Sat. sick and I took her to the doctor (ear infection) while That Man took the other two kids to basketball. We ran errands all weekend. Every moment, my brain was chewing on my work issue, trying to think around this wall and come up with a fix. (I might have — but man am I behind now.) No writing done — how could I with my brain crammed full of logic?

Then whammo… The zombie story suddenly made perfect sense. Anyone who finds it ironic that I figured out a ZOMBIE story after a hard week of work, raise their hand. :D :D Anyway, I slammed out 3K of it last night and am nearly finished — I just need the big climax/resolution. Maybe it’ll come to me after slinging code all day today…

So not a huge writing week for me until last night, but I did manage to get up 4 days D&E and accomplish a little progress in Letters. I’m behind there and I’m not going to be ready to start Gregar’s story in March if I don’t find time to outline.

This week, I’d like to finish up the zombie story and get back hard to Letters. What’s on tap for you this week?

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