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We Own The Night

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Tonight, That Man picked out We Own the Night to watch. I agreed simply because of Joaquin Phoenix, even though I really don’t like Mark Wahlberg or Eva Mendes at all. Of course, Robert Duvall is always a great choice too. Unless he dies. Grrr.

Not as dark as Eastern Promises, this movie was about Russian drug runners instead of the mob. Joaquin played Robert Green, an irresponsible, fun-loving bar manager who turns a blind eye to the drugs passing through the nightclub. He pays a great price for that blind eye. At one point, he’d lost everything: his life, his career, his friends, his father, even his brother, played by Mark, who was nearly killed by the bad guys. And yes, Eva left him too.

He did get the bad guy in the end, joined the police force, and stood up when his brother crumbled during a gun fight. The flighty party lover turned into a cop. However, he didn’t get the girl and his dad died. Not a feel good movie, although it was okay. I wouldn’t watch it again.

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