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Friday Snippet – Beautiful Death

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Since Beautiful Death releases from Drollerie Press this month, I thought I’d post one last snippet. This story was three years in the making. It took me over a year to finish the first draft, and during that time, I finished no other story. Finishing this story fixed something inside me, as surely as Isabella and Hades fix each other, too.

Chapter One excerpt

Set up for this snippet: Isabella Thanatos, the famous First Marshal of Athens, is very sick, now. After hating and fearing Hades for five years, she’s becoming a monster just like him. It’s the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to her, and she has nowhere else to go but to him for help. After the little interlude in Chapter One, this is the first time Hades and Isabella have been on page together in BD, so this isn’t a very traditional “romance” exactly (this is nearly 100 pages into the book). Anyone who knows me, isn’t surprised that this story isn’t “traditional.” ;-) We also get a small appearance by Charon, my sister’s favorite character in this story.

Silver drove the blackness back, blinding her. She knew that glow; the warm, sparking energy was as familiar to her as Hades

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