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On the Way to the UPS Store…

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I already posted that I was frantic today. It took *all day* to write the synopsis. Four pages. ALL DAY. Other than when I was running errands, of course.

The problem: it’d been long enough since I wrote the first draft (Nov.) that I couldn’t remember all the details. So I had to read the story and write the synopsis at the same time. It actually sucked me in pretty well, so instead of skimming to put the plot back in my head, I found myself going, Damn, I don’t remember writing that! Cool!


Cool, yeah, but it made for slow synopsis writing. I’d just taken Jo Leigh’s core decision class, so there’s a ton of great emotional development for both characters. Hard to summarize in a 4-5 page synopsis. Sigh. I really don’t think the synopsis came out good at all, but it was all I could do to get the thing written. I printed it out, made a few changes, and that’s all I had time for. Literally, the family was waiting for me in the car, practially honking the horn, and I was still printing out the pages. Then I realized I had a “blurb” but hadn’t actually WRITTEN the query!

That Man was getting irritated because we had to get to Red Lobster (LM’s choice for dinner) early so we could hit Kung Fu Panda at 6:30. Finally, I jumped in the car about 15 minutes late, the ink still wet on my partial. We rushed across town to the UPS Store, where OF COURSE, the computers were down! They guesstimated my fee and I wrote a check for it, since the electronics were all down. He *swore* it would go out today and make it to NY by 10:30 tomorrow.

They e-mailed me the tracking number so I guess I’m good.

Gah. I forgot what a basketcase it makes me to mail a package to NY. *cue spooky music*

I have no expectations. My main goal of meeting this deadline was to polish the partial. Now I have incentive to finish the polish on the whole ms and begin the query process.

Kung Fu Panda was terrific. Talk about a static trait! Hero’s journey! Awesome story. I was actually cheering for the big bad tiger for most of the story, so my only slight complaint is his end. I was hoping for a more creative redemption for him than *poof* he’s gone. Excellent movie and the kids loved it!

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