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Friday Snippet – Rhaekhar’s Hair

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Laughingly, I’ll call this “Ode to Rhaekhar’s Hair.”

This is more of an outake of Road than a true “snippet”, hot off the press tonight. I’ve been struggling to paint Rhaekhar’s hair all week in Photoshop, and so I felt the need to return to words for my creation. I doubt this will ever go into Road itself, but if it did, it would go after the claiming, or wedding, in the first third of the story. Since there is sexual content, I’ll put it behind the cut.

Her barbarian sat with his back to her. Even in the early dawn barely filtering through the hole in the tent roof, his hair still managed to gleam like sheaves of sun-ripened wheat. Freed from the braids he typically wore at his temples, his hair hung down his back, thick and wild and untamed.

Shannari ran her fingers through the heavy strands and she couldn

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